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Organic cotton gear for your little one.


Our Philosophy...

AguVivi Organic Baby products are made using only hand selected, high quality organic cotton fabrics.  We only purchase GOTS certified organic cotton fabric to use for our products.  Every blanket and pillow is hand sewn with love.  We will only make and sell to you what we would use for our own family.  For now we are making quilted blankets and nursery pillows, but we hope to expand into other organic cotton baby gear in the future!   


100% Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown and harvested using organic means without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or defoliants.  Since conventional cotton may still have residual chemicals that can irritate the skin, we chose to use only organic cotton.  The dyes used to color the fabrics we use at AguVivi are low impact dyes, without the conventional dyeing methods that use myriad of toxins, including heavy metals, benzene, formaldehydes and organochlorides.  Choosing organic cotton is best for you and your baby.


Sewn by Hand

Each item is hand cut, washed, ironed and sewn by us in our home studio.  So much care and love goes into each and every blanket and pillow- it makes a difference!



Family Business

3 generations bonded together to bring you and your precious baby together.  When my granddaughter was born, my daughter and I realized just how many chemicals and bad substances were in baby products.  We wanted to minimize the amount of chemicals in fabrics that would touch our baby's new skin and be so close to her face where she could breath them in.  We found the selection to be sparse for blankets and cute nursery pillows, so I put my sewing talents to work, and my daughter put her design and business skills to work and here we are!


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